Who’s in the Box? 4×15

The girls are finally sure that Ali is alive and are kind of… eh about it to be honest. The most fun part of the pisode is the show’s insistance on making Ezra look CRAZY now that we know he’s not exactly who he claims to be.


PLL Aria gold heart 4x15

Heart of gold 6/10

PLL Aria denim jacket 4x15

I can’t believe I miss her distressed denim jacket 4/10

PLL Aria galaxy pants 4x15

You can go stargazing in Aria’s pants. [insert dirty joke here] 6/10

PLL Aria black dress feathers 4x15

Black Swan 2.0 casual wear 7/10

PLL Aria baby pastels 4x15

It looks like a baby shower threw up on her 3/10


PLL Emily grey sleeveless sweatshirt 4x15

“Listen guys – you dont need sleeves! It’s better without them!” 5/10

PLL Emily sporty black and white jacket  4x15

Spice it up a little Em. 5/10

PLL Emily black sporty dress 4x15

Leg envy is strong with Em around 6/10

PLL Emily blue shirt 4x15

“Budget Em stole my plaid” – Emily inner monologue 4/10

PLL Emily skull white shirt 4x15

Did Aria say you could wear skulls? You need to ask first. 6/10

PLL Emily grey vest 4x15



PLL Hanna black tee 4x15

Ali would be disappointed 4/10

PLL Hanna 60s mod purple 4x15

Hanna strides purposely out of an Austin Powers scene 3/10

PLL Hanna purple fur 4x15

Even Aria thinks this is ridiculous 2×10

PLL Hanna light blue dress

Making those blue eyes pop! 6/10

PLL Hanna gumdrop tee 4x15

You think she keeps those to eat off her shoulder? 5×10

PLL Hanna light blue jacket 4x15

Have we seen this jacket before? It seems familiar, like something we tried to block out. 4/10

PLL Hanna blue pants 4x15

What you aren’t seeing in this picture is how puffy her blue pants are. Circus tent puffy. 5/10

PLL Aria blue green skirt 4x15

Vera Bradley makes skirts now? 5/10


PLL Spencer black henley 4x15

Spence least of all can hide her disappointment in Ali being home. 4/10

PLL Spencer rose sweater 4x15

Roses are red, violets are blue, this sweater sucks 4/10

PLL Spencer red pants 4x15

It’s always weird when Spencer is the worst dressed in the group of these three. 5/10

PLL Spencer green top 4x15

Woe is the hospital owner who messes with Spencer in her power suit 7/10

PLL Spencer blue dress grey blazer 4x15

I’m not going to lie – it looks like dinosaurs on her dress and I like it. 7/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.2/10
Emily: 4.8/10
Hanna: 4.2/10
Spencer: 5.2/10

Season premieres are always so full of costume changes, this one was no exception. What a great start to season 4B!

PLL Fake Emily and Hanna 4x15

Budget Emily and Hanna are freaking me out.


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