Now You See Me, Now You Don’t 4×13

Finale time and we get the red coat reveal – it’s CeCe… but who cares when we’ve got a MAJOR Ezra situation on our hands.

PLL CeCe red coat 4x13

Bye CeCe (I wish)


PLL Aria white pink lace 4x13

Ultra preppy is not usually Aria’s style… but I’m in. 7/10

PLL Aria black dress 4x13

Basic black is so atypical it’s alarming. 4/10

PLL Aria pastel blazer 4x13

Are those skulls on her blazer? Would not be surprised, only impressed. 6/10


PLL Emily leather vest 4x13

Auditioning for Sons of Anarchy is very stressful for Em. 5/10

PLL Emily red pants 4x13

The Nightmare Before Christmas clothing form. 6/10


PLL Hanna paisley 4x13

Could she be any cuter?!?! We’ll excuse the paisley… 6/10

PLL Hanna maroon pants 4x13

Do you even see Hanna in this picture? That’s how uneventful this is. 4/10


PLL Spencer orange pattern 4x13

Ugh. I love this dress. 9/10

PLL Spencer white sweater 4x13

This filter is distracting… but I think I hate this. 4/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.4/10
Emily: 5.5/10
Hanna: 5/10
Spencer: 6.5/10

PLL Ezra As lair 4x13



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