Love ShAck, Baby 4×16

Caleb is gone to Ravenswood now – counting the days until he comes back! In the meantime we have to deal with Hanna being wooed by Travis.


PLL Aria leopard pants 4x16

Rock ‘n Roll 7/10


PLL Emily green tee 4x16

Green looks good with her new(ish) ombre hair color 6/10

PLL Emily blue tank top 4x16

An unwelcome return to basics 5/10

PLL Emily mauve jacket 4x16

Waiting for Ali looks good on Em 7/10


PLL Hanna braided hair 4x16

Hanna Marin is gorgeous appreciation post.

PLL Hanna blue fuzzy jacket 4x16

No to this jacket, no to Travis. 5/10

PLL Hefty pink blazer 4x16

Ali is such a bitch. In a world without her, we could have a Hefty+Mike relationship right now which we totally ship. 5/10


PLL Spencer khaki cape 4x16

The cape is incredible, the suspenders are ridiculous. We’re all confused about what to rate this outfit. 7/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 7/10
Emily: 6/10
Hanna: 5/10
Spencer: 7/10

A pretty strong showing from everyone this week, but we still can’t get a feel for what Ezra is up to other than being a shady little asshole.



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