Hot For Teacher 4×19

Ezra has really amped up his creeping and sweeps Aria away to the cabin with no cell service or access… *where no one can hear you scream* Meanwhile Spencer is starting to slip further down into her drug spiral.


PLL Aria leia hair 4x19

Leia hair can’t distract us from those cute lace cut outs 8/10

PLL Aria bird necklace 4x19

You’re a free bird, so fly. Far, far away from Fitz. 6/10

PLL Aria lace floral top 4x19

Gosh I hope Ezra doesn’t keep you trapped in this cabin with that awful lace floral top. 5/10

PLL Aria black nightgown 4x19

Are nightgowns a thing again? 4/10


PLL Emily sheer sweater 4x19

Emily’s new commitment to sheer tops is admirable 7/10

PLL Emily wine draped dress 4x19

Wishing for a better neckline to go with the great bottom draping 7/10

PLL Emily allergic to mornings 4x19

You and me both girl. 5/10

PLL Emily lumberjack 4x19

Lumberjack chic 6/10

PLL Emily black tank 4x19

Think she ever gets cold arms? 4/10


PLL Hanna paint top 4x19

Like a painting 6/10

PLL Hanna red blazer black heels 4x19

Full on shoe-gasming while Holbrook watches. I don’t think he minds. 7/10

PLL Hanna white lace pants 4x19



PLL Spencer blue button up 4x19

Doing her best stewardess impression 4/10

PLL Spencer soft long sleeve 4x19

I can practically feel how soft this is through the screen. 6/10

PLL Spencer dark green button up 4x19

Strung out Spence is starting to bum us out… 4/10

PLL Spencer brown distressed bag 4x19

Really into this distressed bag 9/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.75/10
Emily: 5.8/10
Hanna: 7/10
Spencer: 5.75/10

Druggie Spencer’s wardrobe is really suffering, but Hanna is holding the bar up high.


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