Grave New World 4×14 (Halloween Special)

Halloween time and we’re stuck in Ravenswood. This is for sure the worst Halloween special of the series – but let’s dive in.

PLL Ezra gas mask 4x14

Love a man in uniform…


PLL Aria madhatter 4x14

Why is Aria dressed like the Madhatter? 4/10


PLL Emily 20s pimp 4x14

Why is Emily dressed like a 1920s pimp? 3/10


PLL Hanna daisy 4x14

Why is Hanna dressed like Daisy Buchanan? (her boobs look great though) 5/10


PLL Spencer roses mom titanic 4x14

Why is Spencer dressed like Rose’s mom from titanic? 2/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 3/10
Emily: 3/10
Hanna: 5/10
Spencer: 2/10

What. was. that. We’re going to chalk this up to being Ravenwood’s fault and just move on.

PLL Ali alive 4x14

FINALLY Ali is 100% confirmed alive. Hey girl.


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