Crash & Burn, Girl 4×08

PLL toby caleb bromance 4x08

My new favorite TV bromance.


PLL Aria pink as if sweater 4x08

This ratty sweater is NOT Cher Horowitz approved. 3/10

PLL Aria purple rose dress 4x08

Purple looks so good on Aria, but this print is hard to deal with. 6/10

PLL Aria leather jacket purple scarf 4x08

Save Mike campaign scarf 5/10


PLL Emily blue tank top 4x08

Does Emily ever wear anything but tank tops? 5/10

PLL Emily grey skirt yellow shirt 4x08

I want better for this skirt. 4/10

PLL Emily leather leggings 4x08

Leather leggings [insert thumbs up emojii here] 7/10

PLL Emily reality bites tee 4x08

Ironic shirt choice as a car comes crashing through her living room wall. 6/10


PLL Hanna sweatpants 4x08

Sad Hanna is the worst Hanna – her wardrobe suffers so. 4/10

PLL Hanna black top 4x08

Why so serious? 5/10

PLL Hanna olive green tee 4x08

A+ makeup department work – she looks truly miserable. 4/10

PLL Hanna brown blouse big collar 4x08

Just because your mom is on death row doesn’t excuse this horrific top 1/10


PLL Spencer blue sweater 4x08

Major Felicity vibes 4/10

PLL Spencer denim blazer 4x08

I’m addicted to prints like her dress, so addicted even this denim blazer can’t bring me down 8/10

PLL Spencer colored V sweatshirt 4x08

This is pretty edgy for Spencer 6/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4.5/10
Emily: 5.4/10
Hanna: 4.75/10
Spencer: 6/10

Seeing Ashley Marin like this is devastating on so many levels. We can barely muster the courage to recap the rest of the fashion.

PLL Ashley Marin 4x08

Don’t worry Ash, Orange is the new Black. #FreeAshleyMarin

PLL car in Emily's living room 4x08

This A is NOT fucking around.


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