Under the Gun 4×07

PLL Mike Montgomery 4x07

Welcome back Mike Montgomery! #TeamMike4Ever


PLL Aria heart dress 4x07

Bow chicka wow wow 7/10

PLL Aria light blue skirt 4x07

She’s dressed up like a Claire’s accessories rack 4/10

PLL Aria black tshirt 4x07

Boring shirt – but Mike’s thoughtfulness in this scene is kind of adorable 5/10

PLL Army bedazzled jacket 4x07

Love this combo 8/10


PLL Emily yellow mesh tee 4x07

Sporty spice strikes again 7/10

PLL Emily leopard print lips 4x07

Kisses for this muscle tank 5/10


PLL Hanna purple tee black leggings 4x07

Hanna deserves this shame outfit for messing around with that gun 3/10

PLL Hanna peach henley 4x07

Ick, no more peach. 3/10


PLL Spence high waist jeans 4x07

We’ve seen both of this pieces before in different outfits – this one is the best combo of all! 7/10

PLL Spencer floral top 4x07

Womp womp 4/10

PLL Spencer cropped pants green jacket 4x07

I don’t know how she manages to pull off cropped pants this well. Gazelle legs? 7/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 6/10
Emily: 6/10
Hanna: 3/10
Spencer: 6/10

Aria gets a lesson in slut shaming (boo) and Spence discovers Ravenswood, all while wearing cute outfits!

PLL Ravenswood 4x07

A little backdoor pilot to Ravenswood… and this faux-hitchcock filter is tragic.



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