Face Time 4×05

A calls family services on the Fields and Hanna makes the first of many, many mistakes. At least she looks good while doing it!


PLL Aria black buttoned jacket 4x05

Not sure about the pops of pink, but you can’t win them all. 6/10

PLL Aria pink lightning bolt 4x05

She looks like she belongs in a superhero comic book 5/10

PLL Aria geometric sweater 4x05

Hey Jake… how you like your girls in geometrics? 7/10

PLL Aria bead sweatshirt 4x05

I’m pretty sure a bead store threw up on her. 6/10


PLL Emily wake up 4x05

“I woke up like this” 6/10

PLL Emily sneaker heels 4x05

All I can see is this cute high heel sneakers 7/10,

PLL Emily red vneck 4x05

Sleepy v-neck 4/10

PLL army vest 4x05

Why would she think this would work, when this vest is just a cry for help? 2/10

PLL Emily white sweater army jacket 4x05

THIS is the outfit you wear to convince everyone you’re ok. 8/10


PLL Hanna desserts shirt 4x05

“Is it too on the nose to have hefty literally wear desserts on her sleeve? Eh, lets go for it.” 4/10

PLL Hanna red blazer chunky boots 4x05

LOVE this look. Hate her behavior. 9/10

PLL Hanna orange blue peplum 4x05

If this fit properly I think it would be cute… 5/10


PLL Spencer red boots 4x05

Coffee with the hastings looks fun… 6/10

PLL Spencer nurse ratchet 4x05

Paging nurse ratchet 3/10

PLL Spencer button up and sweater 4x05

Spencer can usually make preppy look good… not this time. 4/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 6/10
Emily: 5.4/10
Hanna: 6/10
Spencer: 4.25/10

PLL creepy white masks 4x05

CREEPY as fuck


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