Turn of the Shoe 4×03

Is Mona on the liars side or not?! It’s still not clear from this episode, but what is clear is Emily is not great at judgement calls. After busting up her shoulder she decides to swim on pain killers and busts up her head! Plus the girls start stressing about colleges, which is giving me flashback anxiety and making everyone extra bitchy.


PLL Aria black and white striped shirt 4x03

Is it me or has she been looking pretty drab this season? Who knew Aria without Ezra would lose so much sparkle!? 3/10

PLL Aria black vest 4x03

“That vest was disgusting” 4/10

PLL Aria karate outfit 4x03

Is this the right footwear for kicking each other? 6/10


PLL Emily black boots 4x03

Outshined by the rest of the group in every way. 5/10

PLL Emily army jacket 4x03

You can do better than this. 4/10


PLL Hanna pattern leggings 4x03

Pattern leggings are awesome when paired with simple tops. 8/10

PLL Hanna light blue and orange 4x03

Great color and patterns combos! Unexpected from Hanna, but so fun. 7/10

PLL Hanna shiny pants 4x03

Zenon of the 21st Century – the pre-space years 7/10


PLL Spencer orange blue scarf 4x03

Say what you will, but these girls know how to wear a scarf. 7/10

PLL Spencer horse sweater 4x03

Nayyyyyy 4/10

PLL Spencer denim dress. 4x03

I like the healthy distrust Aria and Spencer have toward this bird. Parrots are freaky. (Denim dress = 6/10)

Episode Totals

Aria: 4.25/10
Emily: 4.5/10
Hanna: 7.3/10
Spencer: 5.7/10

Hanna has an amazing episode! We miss her short hair, but the outfits are hitting a groove.

PLL Ryan Guzman 4x03

Well HELLO there. Dance for us!


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