A is for A-L-I-V-E 4×02

So 4×01 was a recap episode which was great for us to catch up – but no new clothes! So we dive into straight into 4×02. 

PLL Hefty hannas doll 4x02

If you didn’t laugh out loud when you saw that poor hefty’s doll was stuffed… we probably wouldn’t be good friends.


PLL Aria hat 4x02

Was this the same outfit as the finale? I think so. No points.

PLL Aria sparkly green sweater 4x02

Aria is one of the few people on the show that looks truly great in green… 6/10

PLL Aria white black striped pants 4x02

But these pants!? 4/10

PLL Aria pink camo jacket 4x02

Who else thought this scene was real? That jacket is a nightmare. 2/10

PLL Aria wilden funeral dress 4x02

Do these girls just have a section of their closet labelled “funeral dresses” at this point? She’s done better, and she’s done worse. 5/10


PLL Emily army green jacket 4x02

We want to give points because this is so chic… but its from last episode.

PLL Emily teal blue vest 4x02

What a huge step back to season 1 for Em. 4/10

PLL Emily denim shirt 4x02

To be honest its really hard to keep track of what she’s worn before or not. Never met anyone with more denim in my life. 5/10

PLL Emily sport tee daisy dukes 4x02

OMG she’s adorable. 6/10

PLL Emily black funeral dress 4x02

Kind of digging the simple pattern – mixing it up. 7/10


PLL Hanna black sweater 4x02

Finale outfit repeat.

PLL Shiny red pants white tank 4x02

*Tries to ignore the bad wig and focus on shiny pants* 6/10

PLL Hanna black headband yellow dress 4x02

Ok something went very wrong with her wig today – and we all suffered for it. 3/10

PLL Hanna black hat 4x02

See what I mean? Wig issues.

PLL Hanna sheer black funeral dress 4x02

She looks like she was rolled up in a sheer black burrito wrap 4/10


PLL Spencer army green pants 4x02

Girlfriend loves her army green. 6/10

PLL Spencer orange blue white 4x02

Preppy Spence is making her comeback! 6/10

PLL Spencer black funeral dress 4x02

One of our first truly perfect funeral dresses. 8/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4.25/10
Emily: 5.5/10
Hanna: 4.25/10
Spencer: 6.7/10

Another season finale, another funeral. RIP Wilden, you crazy bastard. Welcome to the madhouse Detective Holbrook.

PLL Detective Holbrook 4x02

This may age me, but I remember him as a total heart throb in my high school years. Now he’s sporting Dan Scott hair. #SaveSeanFaris


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