What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted? 3×19

Spencer goes absolutely crazy and lunges across a table to strangle Mona – which is possibly our favorite Spencer moment ever. The other liars do stuff too, but that was basically all we can remember/care about.


PLL Aria plaid striped polka dots 3x19

This is all Aria gets to wear FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR. 3/10


PLL Emily grey button up 3x19

Emily only gets one outfit for the episode too and it’s a total snoozefest. 4/10


PLL Hanna dark teal top 3x19

I want to be Hanna Marin when I grow up 8/10

PLL Hanna plaid jacket lace top 3x19

Hilary Clinton meets Kmart 3/10


PLL Spencer messy hair 3x19

Hair is the first thing to go once your mind does. 4/10

PLL Spencer tiger sweater 3x19

LOL what?! 4/10

PLL Spencer tight maroon pants 3x19

Pulled it together for her faux date / murder attempt. 6/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 3/10
Emily: 4/10
Hanna: 5.5/10
Spencer: 4.5/10

Come back to us Spencer… come back.

PLL Smart Andrew Naked 3x19

Smart Andrew is packing a tight torso. Who knew?! (We did… we knew. Or we hoped. And dreamed)


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