Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno 3×17

Spencer has started to come apart at the scenes after last week’s big betrAyal and lets the MALCOM bomb drop. Yikes.


PLL Aria grey tee 3x17

Still recovering from last weeks misery reboot. 4/10

PLL Aria blue dress leather jacket 3x17

This is pretty uneventful. 5/10


PLL Emily blue long sleeve tee 3x17

Womp womp. 4/10

PLL Emily grey shoulder cut outs 3x17

Charcoal and sexy shoulders! An Emily stunner. 7/10


PLL Hanna pink satin pants 3x17

Pink catalog strikes again! 6/10

PLL Hanna Paris menswear 3x17

Parisian menswear is very in right now. But this light brown bag is totally out of place and ruining the look. 6/10


PLL Spencer sex dreams 3x17

Hate when my sexy dreams turn murder-y.

PLL Spencer nap outfit 3x17

Girl is starting to look rough 5/10

PLL Spencer blue blazer 3x17

I know she’s starting to unravel here – but her blazer/tank combo looks great. 6/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4.5/10
Emily: 5.5/10
Hanna: 6/10
Spencer: 5.5/10

PLL cavanaughty 3x17

Is this the greatest moment in PLL history? Yes, yes it is. #cavanaughty4lyfe


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