Out of Sight, Out of Mind 3×21

Aria tries her hand at babysitting (it goes horribly, obviously) and Spencer has a literal meltdown.


PLL Aria green pants white and black top 3x21

Really funky and fun. 8/10

PLL Aria blue shirt white skulls 3x21

At first I thought these were clouds but then I remembered this is Aria… it’s obviously skulls. 3/10


PLL Emily charcoal sweater black pants 3x21

Em is in her power colors and ready to investigate the shit out of this Toby situation. 8/10

PLL Emily blue and purple leopard print jacket 3x21

Needed to show off the print of this jacket. It’s… not good. 4/10

PLL colored pants leather jacket 3x21

Colored pants and leather jackets! That’s what Emily Fields DOES! 6/10


PLL Hanna studs 3x21

Studs on studs on studs. 6/10

PLL Hanna maxi orange 3x21

This Halloween color combo is not Hanna’s best look – and she’s usually all over the maxi dress game! 4/10


PLL Sad Spencer 3x21

Ohhh sad Spencer 😦

PLL Spencer casual 3x21

I just don’t know what to do with this ultra casual Spencer. Totally freaking me out. 4/10

PLL Spencer corpse 3x21

I literally thought she was dead for a split second. She actually looks like a corpse.

PLL Spencer radley gown 3x21

I guess we should have known this is where she was going to end up. 3/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.5/10
Emily: 6/10
Hanna: 5/10
Spencer: 3.5/10

Oh Spencer… SMH


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