Hot Water 3×20

Ashley gets a little too fast and furious while Spencer almost steams to death. Stakes getting pretty high this season!


PLL Aria leather jacket 3x20

Emily wears it more often, but no one wears leather better than Aria. 7/10

PLL Aria red black white outfit 3x20

Digging the scarf. A lot. 7/10


PLL Emily 90s grunge

nUmBeR 1 nIrVaNa FaN 5/10


PLL Hanna black dress blue blazer 3x20

“I dk why they keep making me stand next to you in shots! I don’t think it’s fair to me either!” Poor Hanna. 6/10

PLL Hanna studying 3x20

Give her an A+ for this study look. 7/10


PLL Spencer blue shirts 3x20

Depressed Spence is really a bummer. 4/10

PLL Grey button up 3x20

It’s nice for Em to have lent Spencer her sad, grief wardrobe. 4/10

PLL Spencer blue towel 3x20

THIS is the hastings shower? I get why Toby was always saying the plumbing was “broken” at the loft. 7/10

PLL Spencer trapped in steam shower 3x20

Add this to my list of greatest fears -_________________-

PLL Spencer grey robe 3x20

Free Spencer! This is getting too pathetic. 3/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 7/10
Emily: 5/10
Hanna: 6.5/10
Spencer: 4.5/10

A pretty tame outfit recap… all the action was in the plot this week!

PLL Melissa haircut 3x20

Cute new ‘do Melissa!


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