Dead to Me 3×18

Little Fitz is back in town stirring up trouble, Caleb is meeting his “Uncle”-Daddy and Spencer has totally lost it. Plus turns out Ali was knocked up! Awww a baby liar would have been cute.


PLL Aria shiny pants and jacket 3x18

This looks like a rich old woman’s parlor room. 5/10

PLL Aria blue and lace pants 3x18

These pants… I just need much more information than I’m getting. 4/10

PLL Aria puffy blue top 3x18

Is this shirt intended to be puffy? Because it is. Really puffy. 4/10

PLL Aria Wes crime fighters 3x18

They look like a beautiful crime fighting duo

PLL Aria red long dress 3x18

Actually pretty appropriate for a memorial compared to Ems flirty sundress. Just a little too Addams family. 5/10



PLL Emily embroidered denim skirt 3x18

No! Not you Em. We thought you would beat the bad embroidered denim trend. 2/10

PLL Emily denim vest 3x18

So many denim vests 5/10

PLL Emily Red plaid torn denim 3x18

If Emily was a fabric, it would be torn denim with plaid patches. 5/10

PLL Emily yellow shirt 3x18

Jaundice. 3/10

PLL Emily white dress 3x18

A little light and airy for a memorial – no? 6/10


PLL Ashley purple shirt striped jacket 3x18

Woof, that jacket. 4/10

PLL grey tank blue jeans 3x18

Need to do a count of how many times we’ve seen that coffee mug. It is not single digits for sure. 6/10

PLL Hanna overalls 3x18

100% Hanna heard “farm” and ran out to buy overalls. 5/10

PLL Hanna yellow dress 3x18

All bad all around. Too tight, too yellow, too ick. 3/10


PLL Spencer lands end vest 3x18

Is this PLL or a Lands End catalog? 3/10

PLL Spencer grey tank

We’re really starting to miss Spencers great hair and polished outfits. 3/10

PLL Spencer blue tank 3x18

At least this slouchy tank is really pretty. 5/10

PLL Spencer leather sleeves 3x18

Love this jacket. Will award it high every time (even with that hair.) 7/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4.5/10
Emily: 4.2/10
Hanna: 4.5/10
Spencer: 4.5/10

After a couple of dry episodes we have a BIG comeback with a bunch of outfits. Unfortunately we overwhelmingly sacrificed quality for quantity.


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