This is a Dark Ride 3×13 (Halloween Special)

Everyone knows the Halloween Specials are the BEST Pretty Little Liars episodes. So excited for this one.


Adam ‘Glam’bert cameo!


PLL Aria hat 3x13

Absolutely not. 0/10

PLL Aria beetlejuice 3x13

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetle-… 2/10

PLL Aria daisy 3x13

Carey Mulligan did it better. 6/10


PLL Emily maxi dress jean jacket 3x13

Yay for Emily in patterns! 7/10

PLL Emily silver alien 3x13

I don’t know what she’s dressed up as, but she looks incredible. 9/10


PLL Hanna oversized necklace 3x13

Armored chest plate? 3/10

PLL Hanna Marilyn Monroe 3x13

Flawless. 10/10

PLL Hanna marilyn full body 3x13

Perfect Marilyn. Perfect!


PLL Spencer boardwalk empire 3x13

Boardwalk Empire cosplay? 3/10

PLL Spencer lauren bacall 3x13

You know how to whistle, don’t you? 10/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4/10
Emily: 8/10
Hanna: 6.5/10
Spencer: 6.5/10

PLL Lucas photographer 3x13

Adorable Lucas is back!

PLL Noel devil chest 3x13

Boy, you crazy but I love you.

PLL Jenna pirate 3x13

*sucks in deep breath* Damn girl.

PLL Paige top hat 3x13

Hahahahaha omg


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