She’s Better Now 3×14

Season 3B kicks off with the return of Mona (she’s better now apparently) AND one of Rosewood’s most hated, Meredith. Don’t worry – someone tries to blow up both by the end of the episode.


PLL Aria three pattern outfit 3x14

Three individual patterns, none of which go together. She’s done worse. 5/10

PLL Aria studded sweatshirt 3x14

The closest to sport we get with dear Aria. 6/10


PLL Emily rocker tee 3x14

Did Emily recently rob an Urban Outfitters? 7/10

PLL Emily cat burglar 3x14

Good cat-burglar get-up. 7/10


PLL Hanna white tee 3x14

Yep, I always think its normal when my former best friend / mortal enemy sneaks into my bedroom in the middle of the night after being released from a mental hospital. 4/10

PLL Hanna bright blue polka dress 3x14

Fun! Grandma Marin brings out the best in Han. 7/10

PLL Hanna hot pink sweatshirt 3x14

“Because she can” Hanna’s grandma rocks. Hot pink sweatshirt does too. 6/10

PLL Hanna pink robe 3x14

Look familiar? After nearly drowning Hanna sported this fluffy pink robe.


PLL Spencer green max skirt 3x14

Maxi skirt induced FUPA. 5/10

PLL Spencer sesame street bird shirt 3x14

I couldn’t decide between an “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” or a “this shirt reminds me of sesame street” joke… maybe both? 5/10

PLL Spencer swimsuit jacuzzi 3x14

Show us the goods Spence! (Can’t see the suit, no points)

PLL Spencer athletics sweatshirt 3x14

Can’t award points for previously worn Rosewood high athletics gear.

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.5/10
Emily: 7/10
Hanna: 5.4/10
Spencer: 5/10

PLL Mona knife 3x14

Excellent way to prove you aren’t crazy, Mon.


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