Mona-Mania 3×15

Mona challenges Spencer to an academic decathlon quiz-off, and Paige is starting to lose it. Plus Byron is just extra creepy and dating (?) the even creepier Meredith.


PLL Aria tv black top 3x15

Remember that time Byron accused Aria of trying to blow up his psycho mistress? Father of the year. 5/10

PLL Aria symbolism tank 3x15

This is a swedish proverb “What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw” aka What is hidden is always revealed… SYMBOLISM. 6/10

PLL Aria tiger skirt 3x15

Full shot of the proverb outfit.

PLL Aria ultra cropped jacket 3x15

If you thought this was part of the dress, you were wrong. It’s… a…. jacket? 2/10


PLL Emily army jacket 3x15

Dressed for adventure! 6/10

PLL Emily blue and grey tee 3x15

So many funky tees from Emily lately – I can’t remember the last boring all one color cotton one (I just jinxed myself, right?) 6/10

PLL Emily leather jacket 3x15

Tremendous shade. 7/10

PLL Emily studs 3x15

Studs, so hot right now, studs. 7/10

PLL Emily stud jacket 3x15

Ok, lets not get carried away with the studs. 6/10

PLL Em city tee 3x15

Dying to know what city is on her shirt. 5/10


PLL Hanna black jacket 3x15

Finally getting the black memo. 6/10

PLL Hanna maroon 3x15

Love Hanna in jewel tones 7/10

PLL Hanna high neck floral dress 3x15

Yaaa it’s just not working. 4/10


PLL Spencer patriotic scarf

How patriotic Spence. 7/10

PLL Multiple plaids 3x15

If I’m not mistaken this outfit features multiple plaid patterns. 4/10

PLl Spencer slip tank 3x15

Biggest collection in slip-style tanks this side of the 1960s. 6/10

PLL Spencer blue blazer neck pin 3x15

You lost on Latvia? Even I knew that one and I took my last history class over 8 years ago. (God I’m old) Ps. Cool Pin 6/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4.25/10
Emily: 6.1/10
Hanna: 5.4/10
Spencer: 5.6/10

PLL smart andrew 3x15

Confession: I’m in love with Smart Andrew


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