What Lies Beneath 3×10

We found out Maya had been staying at the Kahn family lakehouse for some time, leading to Hanna needing Dr. Wren’s extra attentive assistance on her kitchen counter. Go troll the hospital cafeteria for dates Wren!


PLL Aria no score 3x10

Can’t see, can’t score.

PLL Aria bagel 3x10

Terrible schmear technique

PLL Aria clashing textiles 3x10

Clash of the textiles. 3/10

PLL Aria purple yoga outfit 3x10

Very yoga AND age appropriate! 7/10


PLL Emily teal pants 3x10

Colored pants and fun top will always get you a 7/10

PLL Emily vest 3x10

It pains me, because I love seeing you so happy, but that vest is a 4/10


PLL Hanna tropical tank 3x10

We got a fleeting glance that this top is big tropical floral prints in a good fit. So with that extra insider knowledge, this gets a 7/10.

PLL Hanna bubblegum pink pants 3x10

Bubblegum pink will never be my friend. So thankful these got cut off her by the end of the night 4/10

PLL Hanna sleek hair white top red skirt 3x10

Everything down the hair is so sleek. 6/10


PLl Spencer sage green eyelet top 3x10

Simple sage green eyelet top is just fine for a bedroom council meeting. 6/10

PLL Spencer peplum cut owl top 3x10

Are they owls? Peplum cuts do help… Going with a 6/10 here.

Episode Totals

Aria: 5/10
Emily: 5.5/10
Hanna: 5.7/10
Spencer: 6/10

PLL Noel Kahn 3x10

Best line of the entire show: “It’s kinda hot you think I’m capable of murder”


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