The Remains of an ‘A’ 3×06

The liars try to pull off another trick on A – which OF COURSE goes terribly awry and includes a very inappropriate Wilden scene. Yay!


PLL Aria dark layered tank 3x06

Just love this screen grab – outfit is red and blue layered tank. 4/10

PLL Aria short dress jean jacket 3x06

Is this what you would wear to your first day of work? 4/10

PLL Aria distressed jean jacket 3x06

This jean jacket just won’t die.


PLL Emily faded jeans 3x06

I’m digging waitress Em – but not those jeans. 3/10

PLL Hanna cell phone 3x06

Hanna’s worst outfit is forever immortalized in Em’s caller ID. That’s what friends are for.

PLL Emily blue tight dress 3x06

Wow wow great fit. 8/10


PLL Hanna tie dyed jeans 3x06

Why does Hanna have the ability to pull off insane things? 7/10

PLL Hanna light yellow dress 3x06

But then simple, mundane things don’t work that well. 5/10

PLL Wilden Creepy 3x06

Reminder: Wilden was extra creepy in this scene and was possibly insinuating that Hanna should sleep with him to solve her legal problems?


PLL Army green jacket

Her jacket collection is so extensive. 5/10

PLL Spencer green tank 3x06

They have so many flashbacks together – as close as sisters? 5/10

PLL brown peplum tank 3x06

She’s been so tailored lately. 8/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4/10
Emily: 5.5/10
Hanna: 6/10
Spencer: 6/10

PLL Holden 3x06

Holden still exists!


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