Single Fright Female 3×11

Spencer is literally attacked by snakes, everyone hates page, Haleb gets a smoking hot makeout scene and Fitz is a daddy! Big day for the liars.


PLL Aria purple crayon 3x11

She looks like those cool sparkles crayons you had to beg your parents for. 3/10

PLL Aria rose dress 3x11

WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THIS!? Cute dress though. 7/10

PLL Aria and Wes 3x11

Why do you two look so guilty? (Now kiss)

PLL Aria dress fire 3x11

Fire dress, eh hair and accessories. We’ve seen better. 6/10


PLL Emily purple dress 3x11

Oh Angry Emily is Angry. (she looks so good though!) 8/10

PLL Yellow leather 3x11

Yellow gives Emily jaundice – but when paired with dark leather coats and pants she survives. 5/10


PLL Hanna greek skirt 3x11

“It’s greek” absolutely killed me. 2/10

PLL Hefty flashback 3x11

Ahh Hefty – always hanging with the snack bowl. 5/10

PLL Hanna raccoon tank top 3x11

OMG It’s a raccoon and it’s adorable. 7/10

PLL Hanna blue maxi dress 3x11

Being out-shined in every way by Spence here. 6/10


PLL Spencer candy striper romper 3x11

Reboot of the candy striper uniforms? 6/10

PLL Spencer pink flashback tank 3x11

Flashback tank looked so good Ali had to take it away. 6/10

PLL Spencer black lace dress 3x11

I love this dress and would have loved her to be just a tad sneakier with her sneaking around. 8/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.3/10
Emily: 6.5/10
Hanna: 5/10
Spencer: 6.7/10

Jenna leaves Emily a cryptic warning that sounds like it’s about Paige but is probably actually about Nate. Why is she even helping in the first place?! Do we like Jenna again? She’s such a mystery.


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