Birds of a Feather 3×04

PLL Nate 3x04

I literally hate this character. Go away Nate!


PLL Aria blue purple designed dress 3x04

She looks like a binder I had in 7th grade. 6/10

PLL Aria leopard print dress 3x04

First thought: this dress is super cute! Second thought: isn’t she at school!? 7/10

PLL Aria Neon accessories 3x04

Spring Break Forever 6/10

PLL Aria bib fringe 3x04

What is happening here? 4/10


PLL Emily tshirt jean jacket 3x04

Boring. 4/10

PLL Emily red pants 3x04

Ohh yes I remember color pants becoming popular around this time… 6/10

PLL Emily teal pants 3x04

Really admiring her commitment to colored pants in this episode. 7/10

PLL Emily white jean vest 3x04

Perfect. 8/10


PLL Hanna yellow blazer 3x04

Why, why, why? We should avoid making Hanna look hefty moving forward. 3/10

PLL Hanna ruffle top 3x04

Just say no to ruffles. And olive green eyelets. 2/10

PLL Hanna mint top 3x04

Mint chocolate chip. 5/10


PLL Spencer red black lace 3x04

Red, Black and Lace – so sexy for Spencer! 7/10

PLL Spencer lace dress 3x04

Incredible. 9/10 (Weird knee-highs kept this from a 10. Sorry Spence)

PLL Spencer silver sparkles 3x04

Living room party? 6/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.6/10
Emily: 6.3/10
Hanna: 3.3/10
Spencer: 7.3/10

So Melissa faked her pregnancy… for how long? And why? Still struggling to figure this plotline out, but in the meantime we’ll look into why Hanna crashed and burned so hard today.


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