Blood is the New Black 3×02

PLL Tooth necklace 3x02

This new A makes Hannibal look well adjusted.


PLL Aria train conductor dress 3x02

Moonlighting as an old-timey train conductor? 4/10

PLL conductor dress skirt 3x02

It gets way worse when the full skirt is revealed… 2/10

PLL Aria avril 3x02

Avril Lavigne? 4/10

PLL Aria Pink top teal skirt 3x03

She looks like a preschool teacher in a sitcom. 4/10

PLL Aria blue top black belt

That shiny belt though… 5/10

PLL Aria chunky necklace 3x02

WHAT is hanging around your neck?! 5/10


PLL Emily red tank 3x02

I’m not trying to be in poor taste, but did she inherit Maya’s wardrobe/accessories when she died? That necklace is fun. 7/10

PLL Emily punk tee 3x02

Picking up the punk position from Aria 6/10

PLL Emily blue top quiz 3x02

Moving along, nothing to see here. 5/10

PLL Emily blue tank and bracelet

Boring tank – but snaps for the matching bracelet. 5/10


PLL Hanna long earrings

If those earrings were any longer she wouldn’t even need a shirt, which would be a shame because her outfit is simple and cute. 7/10

PLL Hanna blue and yellow dress 3x02

She must be in Aria’s preschool class. 5/10

PLL Hanna heels 3x02

Those heels are just out of control.

PLL Hanna teal snakeskin tank top

Snakeskin! Teal! Cutouts! 8/10

PLL Hanna yellow tank 3x02

Killer neckline. 8/10


PLL Spencer white blouse bell bottoms 3x02

Spence is one of the few people that can pull off bell bottoms 7/10

PLL Spencer cozy 3x02

She looks so cozy. 6/10

PLL Spencer Navy dress slip 3x02

Why does this have a slip? Totally unnecessary and weird. 4/10

PLL Spencer black bird dress 3x02

Why is Spencer so keen on unnecessary layering this episode. 6/10

PLL Spencer dark florals 3x02

Spencer’s outfits this episode brought to you by American Eagle’s 2002 fall collection 5/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4/10
Emily: 5.7/10
Hanna: 7/10
Spencer: 5.6/10

Hanna just owns the episode. Her new short do must be giving her strength.


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