The Naked Truth 2×19

The first appearance… of the red coat!



PLL Aria bright bird necklace 2x19

The bird necklace is back!

PLL Aria bright yellow shoes 2x19

Crazy pops of colors and it’s all totally working. 8/10

PLL Aria red tank black ripped leggings 2x19

Surprised these two haven’t bonded over their love for grunge earlier. 5/10

PLL Aria school slumber party 2x19

Why would these girls EVER sleep in a public place like this? Easy pickings… Fine sleepwear tho. 6/10


PLL Emily big stripes shirt 2x19

The stripes of old Em, but funky like new Em. We like. 6/10 

PLL Emily bad bitch 2x19

OHH she’s such a bad bitch this episode. With a tough girl outfit to boot. 7/10

PLL Emily school slumber party 2x19

Eh can’t get a good look at what’s she’s wearing. Why does the director do this to us?! We need to see every single outfit!


PLL Hanna maroon lace dress 2x19

Isabelle is such a witch in this scene – which makes total sense. When up against the fabulous Marin women, what can you do but lash out? 7/10

PLL Hanna black fuzzy blanket 2x19

Upon further investigation we determined this to be a fuzzy blanket. No points awarded.

PLL Hanna grey shirt leather jacket

That extra is about to break at Hanna’s outburst… but dammit if she doesn’t look great during it. 6/10

PLL Hanna blue long-sleeve tshirt

I just have this thing about long-sleeve tshirts. Sorry Hanna. 3/10 


PLL Spencer knee length denim skirt 2x19

Emily’s face is addressing the knee length denim skirt Spencer is wearing. 4/10

PLL Spencer white capris flashback 2x19

Ali dropping hints like it’s her job and Spencer, the smart one, can’t pick up what she’s laying down? Those capris must be too tight. 5/10

PLL Spencer white polka dot dress 2x19

Not a bad “welcome to the family” dress. 6/10

PLL Spencer sad chairs perch 2x19

It’s so hard to take her sadness seriously when she’s perched up on those chairs like this… 4/10


Episode Totals

Aria: 6.3/10
Emily: 6.5/10
Hanna: 5.2/10
Spencer: 4.8/10

Well, this episode finally dropped the big Bro-Bomb that was so obvious we’ve been anticipating it all season – Jason is Spencer’s half brother! Naughty Mr. Hastings…


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