Father Knows Best 2×22

Father daughter dance time – which will clearly lead to disaster as all of the liars have completely dysfunctional relationships with their fathers… except Emily whose Dad is 3000 miles away.


PLL Aria too many patterns 2x22

Pattern overload! Our eyes! 2/10


Letting us recover from the previous outfit was very thoughtful. 6/10

PLL Aria pink snakeskin dress 2x22

How did Byron plan to find a tie that matches this? 6/10

PLL Aria angry sea shirt 2x22

Don’t look at this shirt too long, you may drown in it. 3/10


PLL Emily army green jacket 2x22

Overrrr it. 4/10

PLL Emily sunflower tee 2x22

Awesome tee! 8/10

PLL Emily mulan 2x22

Mulan? 5/10

PLL Emily orange dress 2x22

Great color but not the best fit. I wanted this to be cuter than it is! 6/10

PLL Emily green shirt denim jacket 2x22

Ew to both the shirt and denim jacket. 3/10


PLL Hanna black fuzzy blanket 2x22

The black fuzzy blanket is back! Looks so cozy… but it is hiding the tank which is problematic. 5/10

PLL Hanna fuzzy maroon jacket 2x22

Ok Hanna, you need to leave the fuzzy blanket on the bed. 3/10

PLL Hanna pink lace lined tshirt 2x22

Gross. This is just gross. 2/10

PLL Hanna brown jacket 2x22

Fierce jacket, fierce look. 7/10


PLL Spencer straight hair don't care 2x22

I don’t know about the outfit, but her hair looks pretty here. They don’t let the girls wear their hair just straight enough. 6/10

PLL Mr Hastings 2x22

Casual reminder that naughty Mr. Hastings can get it.

PLL Spencer black and white geometric shirt 2x22

Feels more like an Aria outfit, but she looks good so… 7/10

PLL Spencer shiny blue dress 2x22

Romy and Spencer’s High School Reunion. 3/10

PLL Spencer fall outfit 2x22

Maybe I’m just ready for fall and fall clothes but I can’t find a single fault with this. 10/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 4.25/10
Emily: 5.2/10
Hanna: 4.25/10
Spencer: 6.3/10

Hanna really made some questionable choices this episode. We’re getting really frustrated with her stubborn need to not tell her mom anything. At least think of a clever lie instead of waiting for Mona to come up with one!


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