Eye of the Beholder 2×23

Boom! Jenna almost gets blown up when she’s this close to seeing again… wonder if the two incidents are connected? Who cares – we’re too busy being excited that Mona is part of the gang now.


PLL Aria skull top 2x23

Skulls! Aria Montgomery – so hard. 5/10

PLL Aria and vanilla boy 2x23

The leather jacket from the first episode is back! Ps. This guy is so vanilla if he didn’t have his pilots license there is ZERO chance Ali would have given him the time of day. The fact he thought he was falling in love with her is pretty pathetic. I actually already forgot his name and I just finished the episode… (I really don’t know why I have such strong feelings against him.)

PLL Aria under the sea dress 2x23

I can’t believe I’m saying this… but this works. Ari-el. 7/10


PLL Emily shoulder cut-outs 2x23

Peek-a-boo shoulder fun 7/10

PLL Emily new hair plaid 2x23

Not her best plaid – but a new hairstyle always helps. 5/10


PLL Hanna pink maxi dress 2x23

New obsession: this pink sheer maxi-dress. 10/10

PLL Hanna pink sheer dress side 2x23

Her legs look fantastic in it.

PLL Hanna white shorts 2x23

Feeling patriotic Han? 5/10


PLL Spencer turtle neck 2x23

Look at all of their hands. That is all. 5/10

PLL Spencer gold dotted top 2x23

This outfit is two-faced, the top is super cute here… 7/10

PLL brown balloon pants 2x23

The pants are this absolute trainwreck. 2/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 6/10
Emily: 6/10
Hanna: 7.1/10
Spencer: 4.25/10

What an exciting end of the episode! Jenna in yet another fire – some girls have all the luck – a daring rescue by Hanna and an explosion. But who is trying to blow up Jenna? That’s a secret for another time. XoXo, A. (feel free to read that in Kristen Bell’s voice.)


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