Ctrl: A 2×20

So this episode confirmed that Hanna and Caleb’s first time was November 5th which has helped establish some timeline. That was in the second half of season 1 – which leads us to believe it is now late winter/early spring? As in Season 1 was the fall of Junior year and Season 2 is spring? I doubt we can really rely on anything that concrete but we gave it our best shot using the context clues.


PLL Aria green dress 2x20

Hmm we’re puzzled here. It’s not awful, but it’s not quite right either? 5/10

PLL Aria A necklace

Cool “A” necklace Aria… 7/10


PLL Emily swim team jacket 2x20

Swim team champion! Surprised? You should be… she only got let back on the team after months of being off it last episode. But cute jacket. 7/10

PLL Maya poster 2x20

Has anyone ever made a better fan poster? Go Maya

PLL Emily multi-color camo jacket 2x20

What! Emily, no! Promise me no more multi-colored camo please, no matter how bad things get. 2/10

PLL Emily blue top 2x20

If she knew this was her last moment with Maya, do you think she would have dressed up more? 5/10



Help her Caleb! She’s being swallowed up by a fuzzy red sweater monster. 3/10

PLL Hanna snakeskin pants

This is my fault. I should have known saying I love Hanna in anything snakeskin would come back to bite me. 3/10


PLL Spencer ralph lauren sweater 2x20

Spencer the Ralph Lauren ad. 5/10

PLL Spencer brown jacket cool buttons 2x20

Fun buttons! Plus the bonus insight into the DiLaurentis family – they are architects? 6/10

PLL Spencer sheer polka dot top

This has cool back cut-outs but ultimately is just too frumpy for anything higher than a 4/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 6/10
Emily: 4/7/10
Hanna: 3/10
Spencer: 5/10

What happened to Hanna this week? I get that your boyfriend is in trouble with the law but that’s now excuse to let yourself go this far. This may be the lowest score of the series so far.



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