Breaking the Code 2×21

The liars start poking into Ali’s alter ego and Mona becomes A’s newest victim. Plus, Aria throws a tantrum in a denim dress, so all-in-all a great episode!


PLL Aria punk pieces 2x21

So much of punky flashback Aria peeking through. 6/10

PLL Aria different leg patterns 2x21

Wait – what!? The leggings have different patterned legs? 2/10

PLL Denim dress spikes clear belt 2x21

This is a tragedy. 2/10


PLL Emily leather vest black hat 2x21

Leather vest and a hat? Risky… very risky. 4/10

PLL Emily printed tee 2x21

She has been just going nuts on the fun printed tees! 6/10


PLL Hanna necklace layering. 2x21

The necklace layering is paying off. 6/10

PLL Hanna grecian dress 2x21

Giving me a grecian goddess vibe. 7/10

PLL Hanna crazy heels 2x21

Her shoes are out of control for SCHOOL.

PLL Hanna purple shirt 2x21

Have we noticed before that Hanna lives in an ikea catalog? 5/10


PLL Spencer dark florals 2x21

Took too long to think of a caption. I just feel so neutral toward this. 5/10

PLL Spencer leather sleeves 2x21

Into the leather sleeves. 7/10

PLL Spencer pastel sweater 2x21

Pastel colored sweater. Yawn. 4/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 3.3/10
Emily: 5/10
Hanna: 6/10
Spencer: 5.3/10

WTF Aria… wtf. (But congrats on getting your mom to take your forbidden relationship seriously.)


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