Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares 2×14

The little liars play a long con on A – which goes about as well as expected. But at least they were dressed for adventure!


PLL Aria orange jumpsuit. 2x14

She is PISSED she can’t wear giant earrings with this jumpsuit. 1/10

PLL Aria green striped dress 2x14

I feel like the show doesn’t pay enough attention to Mike. I like Mike. I also like this green dress. 8/10

PLL Aria teal lace top grey jeans 2x14

Very mature look for someone who’s about to confess to sleeping with her teacher. 7/10

PLL Aria black jacket flashlight 2x14

In the first time in PLL history everyone came to a stakeout in the woods prepared! Black, sensible clothes, boots, jackets, flashlights! All the liars get a special 10/10 for this performance.


PLL Emily orange jumpsuit 2x14

If even flawlessly beautiful Shay Mitchell can’t pull something off, what hope do the rest of the girls have? 1/10

PLL Emily jazzy tshirts 2x14

Jazzing up the tees is a good start to Season 2B 6/10

PLL Emily badass 2x14

Can Emily please always been this badass bitch? 5/10

PLL Emily glass in hair 2x14

Not mad at you Em, but I think you could have played this move a little differently. Gave up the big secret a little early. Still, glass in your hair earns you a 10/10 for effort.


PLL Hanna orange jumpsuit 2x14

Ok, no way Hanna would be caught dead like this without even fixing her hair. 1/10

PLL Hanna purple heart dress 2x14

Super cute! 710

PLL Hanna pink patterned shirt 2x14

This shirt is kind of a disaster and screams $10 from Forever 21. 4/10

PLL Hanna black woods outfit 2x14

Definitely the most raggedy look of all – but she got the special honor of hitting A with her car in a wonderful instance of PLL symmetry. 10/10


PLL Spencer orange jumpsuit 2x14

Orange is so not her color. 1/10

Spencer A-Line black coat 2x14

This coat has a pretty shape and is keeping the ruffles underneath in check. 6/10

PLL Spencer white tshirt 2x14

Is part of the plan looking like you gave up on life? 3/10

PLL Spencer black hat woods 2x14

As stakeout ring leader – we expected a more thoughtful plan from her. She still gets her 10/10.

Episode Totals

Aria: 6.5/10
Emily: 5.5/10
Hanna: 5.5/10
Spencer: 5/10

The orange jumpsuits were a bad look on EVERYONE. And also, next time the girls spend a month planning a big clandestine meeting with A – everyone should probably keep their home life under control on the big day so Emily doesn’t wind up dead. Total fiasco.


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