A Kiss Before Lying 2×18

Return of Kate, easily the most hated character ever. On a show full of treacherous high schoolers hell-bent on torturing and killing each other, UGH she is just the worst.


PLL Aria lime green outfit 2x18

I had no idea Aria had time in her busy schedule, of sleeping with adult men and plucking birds to wear as headwear, to tie-dye. 6/10

PLL Aria lime green string earrings 2x18

Is it me or do her big earrings get more fun with every passing episode? (By fun I clearly mean ridiculous)

PLL Aria frumpy heart cape 2x18

Second time Aria has left me absolutely speechless and yet she STILL didn’t have the worst look of the episode. 1/10

PLL Aria blue sweater 2x18

Let’s put more of this blue on the schedule for Aria. Very pretty. 7/10

PLL Aria gym clothes 2x18

Its so rare to see Aria’s legs not covered in some kind of ripped leg wear. 6/10

PLL Aria sparkles 2x18

BAM! SPARKLES! (It’s almost keeping your eyes away from the leopard print disaster just below right?) 7/10

PLL Aria dark skirt shirt combo 2x18

I legitimately want this outfit. 8/10


PLL Emily red shirt 2x18

OMG EMILY you’re such a spaz. This is a really chaotic screen grab – but quick look to Em’s shirt for scoring. 4/10

PLL Emily black button up tank 2x18

It’s nice to branch out from crew cut necklines. 7/10

PLL Emily brown bird shirt 2x15

Try to look at Emily… it’s nearly impossible with Spencer chewing so much scenery back there. 5/10

PLL Emily grey leather jacket 2x18

This dinner date was doomed from the start – but at least the leather jacket had nothing to do with it. 7/10

PLL Emily black leather jacket 2x18

Emily long campaign to snag the leather jacket crown from Aria officially comes to fruition this episode. 6/10


PLL Hanna blue sheer top

Seriously – she can’t get a single person to hang out with her in this pretty sheer top? 7/10

PLL Hanna pink tank dress 2x18

Hanna knows its always best to shine by comparison. Not hard to do today. 8/10

PLL Hanna punk rock princess 2x18

Punk rock princess 7/10

PLL Hanna pink converse 2x18

Cute kicks Han. 7/10

PLL Hanna simple loungewear 2x18

An elusive Rosewood species – flats! 5/10

PLL cotton candy top 2x18

This takes place minutes after the previous outfit – but I guess that loungewear wasn’t cutting it for a big Caleb confrontation. 6/10

PLL Hefty white maxi skirts 2x18

Hefty sure loves maxi-skirts. My guess is to hide Ashley Benson’s nice legs? 4/10

PLL Hanna red layered top 2x18

Great color – weird layers. 6/10


PLL Spencer bumble bee sweater 2x18

Geeking out over this subtle bumble bee sweater. 9/10

PLL Spencer bright colored stripped sweater 2x18

Stop dressing like a pre-schooler! 4/10

PLL Spencer bad hat 2x18

Sherlock Hastings over here needs to solve the mystery of why the hell did this hat ever touch her head!? 0/10

PLL Spencer gym clothes 2x18

See how much cuter when you try less? 7/10

PLL Spencer red shirt popcorn 2x18

A neutral look is welcome in this rollercoaster of an episode for her. 5/10

PLL Spencer orange and red bell bottoms 2x18

No. Just no. 3/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.75/10
Emily: 5.75/10
Hanna: 6.25/10
Spencer: 4.7/10

Spence has a really rocky episode – but at least the whole school hasn’t seen her boobs!


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