A Hot Piece of “A” 2×15

PLL Noel Kahn shirtless 2x15

Drop everything: Noel Kahn wet and shirtless is the single most important thing you need to retain from tonight’s episode.


PLL Aria maroon black zipper jumper

Aria’s dad calls her out for dressing like a teacher-dating little tart and makes her change. Don’t you know that hurts us just as much as her, Byron?! 5/10

PLL Aria spider necklace 2x15

Over/under on this being an actual tarantula?

PLL Aria hole socks 2x15

Can these even be considered socks?

PLL Aria orange color block top 2x15

Haha your mom picks out your clothes. 5/10

PLL Aria black designed top 2x15

This new, sensibly dressed Aria is weirding me out. 7/10

PLL Aria red leather jacket 2x15

Red leather jacket! Super cute. 8/10


PLL Emily Orange and Blue plaid 2x15

As far as plaid goes – this could be her best. The colors really work. 6/10

PLL Emily fringe orange shirt 2x15

Foxy fringe. 7/10

PLL Emily faded denim 2x15

Faded denim is such a crutch for her. 5/10


PLL Hanna plastic leather jacket 2x15

It’s too bad this looks kind of plastic-y, because the style is cute. 6/10

PLL Hanna snakeskin dress 2x15

My favorite Hanna pattern is snakeskin. Always a good look. 8/10

PLL Hanna maroon sweater lakehouse 2x15

No no no – thank god this got all soaking wet before Caleb could see her. 3/10


PLL Spencer structured tan jacket 2x15

Does anyone do ultra structured better than Spencer? 8/10

PLL Spencer khaki skirt

Lets play a game of: Spencer Hastings or my 3rd grade teacher? 4/10

PLL Spencer blue button up lakehouse attic 2x15

Big lake house party and she opts for a oversized blue button. No way Hanna wouldn’t have called her out for this. 4/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 6.25/10
Emily: 6/10
Hanna: 5.75/10
Spencer: 5.25/10

Let’s all say a prayer that Byron and Ella ease up on Aria by next episode so she can let her freak flag fly, or else Rosewood just got a lot more boring.


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