The First Secret 2×13 (Halloween Special)

It’s Halloween special time! Easily the best episodes of PLL all year – and so many outfits!


This fucking guy…


PLL punk Aria 2x13

Flashback Aria. So punk rock. 5/10

PLL Emo Aria 2x13

Emo Aria is Emo – and those pink streaks are killer. 7/10

PLL Aria pillbox hat 2x13

This is the most absurd thing Aria has ever worn. I’m speechless. 0/10

PLL Aria hot witch 2x13

Aria opted not to dress up, but Noel still correctly identified her as a hot witch. 6/10


PLL Emily pink polo 2x13

I don’t think a boring pink polo is the way to Ali’s heart… 5/10

PLL Emily blue sweatshirt 2x13

The spencer pins! I just can’t get enough of her campaign materials. 4/10

PLL Emily brown skirt orange hoodie 2x13

An Emily classic. 5/10

PLL Emily sporty tee 2x13

She’s the sporty one. 6/10

PLL Emily indian princess 2x13

Pocahontas Princess 9/10

PLL Emily lusting over jenna 2x13

Jenna lust looks good on you Em.


PLL Hanna pink top 2x13

Pretty in pink 7/10

PLL Hanna white maxi skirt orange top 2x13

Hefty’s stuffing squad really got carried away. 5/10

PLL Hefty Cake PJs 2x13

Its a tragedy that poor Hanna has to compete with Ashley Marin anyway, but as Hefty in those PJs? 2/10

PLL Spencer poster 2x13

The spencer poster is so insane it’s just right.

PLL Hanna pink maxi skirt 2x13

Nope. Not ok. 3/10

PLL Hanna hefty green dress 2x13

A lot of spunk for someone in maternity clothes. 5/10

PLL Hanna britney spears 2x13

I really wish she had gone bald Britney. 6/10


PLL Spencer pink sweater 2x13

What a nerd! Get it? (Wardrobe really hit us over the head with the distinct personalities of each girls this episode.) 5/10

PLL Spencer voting outfit 2x13

Calm down Tracy Flick. 4/10

PLL Spencer green sweater blue shorts 2x13

There are so many better outfits to focus on this episode. 5/10

PLL Spencer corset 2x13

Of course Spencer is in historically accurate underwear for her costume…

PLL Spencer Mary Queen of Scots 2x13

This is one of the most ridiculous costumes a teen girl would NEVER wear. But it makes me laugh so hard I want to give it a 10. But come on, this is a 1/10.

PLL Spencer full length Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots!

Episode Totals

Aria: 4.5/10
Emily: 5.8/10
Hanna: 4.6/10
Spencer: 5/10

PS. Zero to Hero, am I right? 

PLL Mona 2x13

Mona Catwoman



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