Surface Tension 2×07

Mike Montgomery gets some bad boy street cred and Emily and Hanna become roomies, while our obsession with Jason 2.0 deepens.


PLL Aria army green tank 2x07

Charlotte Russe threw up shiny army green fabric on her. 4/10

PLL Aria red and brown belted dress 2x07

Cute cute cute. Ps. Now date Jason. 7/10

PLL Aria black shiny dress 2x07

What is this fabric? It’s like hologram pokeman card. 5/10

PLL Aria mature black dress 2x07

LOL just my adult boyfriend who I think will be accepted as long as I dress mature. 6/10

PLL Aria hooker tights

Flashback Aria with an endless supply of hooker tights. 4/10


PLL Emily pink tshirt 2x07

Ugh WHY em. 4/10

PLL Emily brown sweatshirt 2x07

She put herself to sleep with this sweatshirt 3/10

PLL Emily blue tank top

Even though it’s her color, this tank top just isn’t working for me. 5/10

PLL Emily jean jacket 2x07

Hanna is just trying to help you Em! You could do worse than studying at the mall… 5/10


PLL Hanna grey sweatshirt sheer sleeves 2x07

Who is on her necklace?! Can anyone tell? 6/10

PLL Hanna patterned blazer 2x07

“Don’t be scared of the breakfast Mom, I told Emily we don’t eat carbs. You can be scared of this blazer though.” 4/10

PLL Hanna grey tank top 2x07

Hanna’s singing is what has earned her this 2/10

PLL Hanna boho tunic

Hanna dips her toe into boho chic 7/10


PLL Spencer black and white striped top

Mime practice 5/10

PLL Spencer red belted dress

“Reminder: I’m adorable!” 8/10

PLL Spencer brown patterned sweater

“Pssst, Aria. What’s today’s date? I just realized all my outfits this episode are look fall themed, but that doesn’t make sense in the show’s timeline, does it?” 6/10

PLL Spencer plaid jacket 2x07

Fab-u-plaid 7/10

PLL Spencer flashback preppy dress 2x07

Coach Hastings 6/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 5.2/10
Emily: 4.25/10
Hanna: 4.75/10
Spencer: 6.4/10

The guilt of Emily’s big scholarship lie pulls her backwards into season 1 style. We hope she feels better soon.


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