Save the Date 2×08

Emily ends up hospitalized and A crosses the line by DRUGGING HER SPORTS CREAM. Really A?


PLL Aria white dress chunky necklace.

“NO Ezra! I said no ghosting!” (That necklace tho) 7/10

PLL Aria candy striper

Rosewood Hospital Who Wore it Better? 6/10

PLL Aria and Spencer candy stripers

Needed to include the socks/shoes.


PLL Emily grey cutoff sweatshirt 2x08

Belichick? 5/10

PLL Emily ulcer outfit 2x08

Kinda boring but can we blame her? She had to get dressed with an ulcer! 6/10

PLL Emily hospital gown 2x08

Hanna did the hospital gown better. Sorry Em. 3/10


PLL Hanna light blue bathrobe

Hanna in the morning is all of us in the morning. 5/10

PLL Hanna hot pink zipper dress 2x08

I still can’t believe they wear things like this to high school, but I guess we’re beyond that at this point. 7/10

PLL Hanna scarf and sunglasses 2x08

Is that Hanna or the mole from Thumbelina? Never change.

PLL Hanna and Caleb 2x08

You two are just the cutest. #Caleb4Ever


PLL Spencer high socks preppy dress 2x08

We’re a few inches away from Spencer just completely substituting high socks for pants. 4/10

PLL Spencer candy striper 2x08

Do hospitals even have candy stripers anymore? With these pervy 50s uniforms? 6/10

Episode Totals

Aria: 6.5/10
Emily: 4.7/10
Hanna: 6/10
Spencer: 5/10

Wow – kind of a boring fashion episode, almost no wardrobe changes. But we can always get behind a creepy hospital setting for an investigation.


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