Never Letting Go 2×06

It was the episode of our dreams, a fashion show! So many great outfits to choose from and an all-star performance from Mona the tyrant.


PLL Aria sweater vest

This sweater vest is ridiculous 4/10

PLL Aria girls laughing 2x06

Even the other little liars are laughing at her behind her back.

PLL Aria punk flashback 2x06

Flashback punk Aria, a welcome sight for tonight. 6/10

PLL Aria pastel goth lace 2x06

Aria experiments with pastel goth. 4/10

PLL Aria maroon crop top

Crop top with a skin-covering twist. Love! 7/10

PLL Noel Kahn 2x06

Just your weekly reminder that Noel Kahn is the hottest guy on the show by far and it’s crazy that we don’t get a sex scene with him and Mona.

PLL Aria leopard print robe

Everyone had these leopard print robe, but no one wore them but Aria. Why? 6/10

PLL Aria beach look fashion show 2x06

Best hat of the series so far? 8/10

PLL Aria goth fashion show 2x06

Adaams family chic? 5/10

PLL Aria purple and cream dress

Why is their hair so teased? But I do love this dress and necklace on Aria so I’m going to have to go 8/10. Could have been a 9 with better hair…

PLL Aria short blue dress

Just realizing that we never get to see Aria’s legs. They are always covered by some lace monstrosity. 8/10


PLL Emily pink tank

I think A may have slipped a Pac Sun gift card in Emily’s wallet at some point. 6/10

PLL Emily purple baseball tee

Strike 1. 4/10

PLL Emily blue evening gown

Emily’s color and the perfect dress for her bod. 9/10

PLL Emily light blue flashback 2x06

Sassy flashback em. 5/10

PLL Emily sweat suit 2x06

I never knew so much sweatshirt material could be worn by one person. 4/10


Don’t be rude – put on the leopard print robe Mona provided you! 3/10

PLL Emily purple beach wear 2x06

Emily has left the building – Shay Mitchell in the house 10/10


OMG YES 9/10

PLL Emily green dress 2x06

Why so serious? You just won the fashion show. 8/10


PLL Hanna blue tan white striped shirt 2x06

*Realizing she put her shirt on inside-out* 6/10

PLL Hanna hefty flashback sweatshirt 2x06

As far as hefty flashback sweatshirts go, this is not great. 3/10

PLL Hanna blue belt grey dress 2x06

Love the pop of color. 7/10

PLL Hanna yellow floral t-shirt 2x06

Ya, even she’s over it. 4/10

PLL Hanna beach theme fashion show 2x06

Eyes blinded by soooo many accessories and colors 5/10

PLL Hanna white raggedy fashion show dress 2x06

Like a virgin (and disaster) 3/10

PLL Hanna black simple dress fashion show 2x06

Hanna really got shafted in the Ali dress game 6/10

PLL Hanna pink high neck dress

Great draping and a surprising neckline 7/10


PLL Spencer brown patterned top 2x06

Spencers dad starting to get a lot of play this ep. And we don’t hate it (or this outfit) 6/10

PLL Spencer giant coffee cups

I think we’ve solved the mystery of Spencers hyperactive behavior

PLL Spencer red dress denim jacket 2x06

I’m genuinely shocked Mona didn’t just lose it and slap her for this outfit. 3/10

PLL Spencer pretty flashback 2x06

Too bad we don’t judge flawless skin, because we just can’t see this outfit.

PLL Spencer high socks 2x06

Where does one even get socks that go that high? 4/10

PLL Spencer beach fashion show 2x06

Poor Spencer of course gets the worst hat of the fashion show. Plus is just getting a BEATDOWN from Emily right next to her. 5/10

PLL Spencer steampunk fashion show 2x06

Giving so much face in a steampunk getup 6/10

PLL Spencer low cut gown 2x06

How low can you go? 8/10

PLL Spencer black dress 2x06

Completely forgettable 4/10

Episode Totals
Aria: 6.2/10
Emily: 6.4/10
Hanna: 5.1/10
Spencer: 5.1/10

Emily stole the (fashion) show, nothing more to say.


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